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r/soccer has been the best option to enjoy Soccer Reddit live streams. But, Reddit has now shut down its free streaming service. So, free soccer links will not be available on r/soccer.Β  For some time now, cord-cutters have been enjoying free soccer Reddit streams. But, this luxury to enjoy free Reddit soccer streams with Reddit has come to an end. So, what could we use in 2022 to enjoy free links to soccer live streams?

Thanks to technological advancement, we are beyond the old age of TV streams, alone. Just forget about Reddit streams, there were days when sports fans only had a TV streaming option to enjoy live sports from home. Things have grown bigger and better and we now can use mobile streams to enjoy live sports on mobile.

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What are Reddit Soccer Streams & How Reddit Works?

Tech advancement enabled the mobile streaming option. Today, we can use our smartphones and PCs to enjoy live sports in our place. As streaming websites started to gain an audience, the channel of Reddit began to surface on the web. With Reddit, viewers living in different parts of the world had access to their favorite sports.

On top of that, the free links of a live sport like soccer couldn’t be missed by any cord-cutter. Well, if you have been a huge sports fan and a cord-cutter too, you must have used Reddit once, or have heard of it. If you have used Reddit Soccer to enjoy free Reddit streams of soccer, you must have some idea about what Reddit is and how it worked. In case, you don’t, we are here to help you out with that.

Reddit is simply a streaming website that you can find on any internet browser. iPhone users can find it on Safari, iOS’s native browser. But, now’s the time to look for Soccer Reddit Alternative.

How did Reddit Socer links work on Mobile/ PC?

Just like paid OTT platforms of sports like Sling TV, you need a content provider for Reddit Soccer. While streaming websites like Sling TV get their content directly from the cable TV broadcasters of a specific sport, Reddit had a primary user to share his/her live streaming links on Reddit.

For Soccer Reddit to work, a primary Reddit user must share his/her paid streaming links of sports on Reddit. If the streaming link is of soccer, it will be added to Soccer Reddit. If the link is for the NFL, it will be added to NFL Reddit. Reddit had several sections for professional sports like soccer, NFL, NBA, MLB, and others.

But, as we mentioned at the beginning of this article, Reddit no longer provides you free streaming links of professional sports like Reddit. But, do you know why Reddit has to call off its free streaming services which were a netizen-favorite thing.

Why did Reddit call off free Reddit Soccer streams?

To be frank, Reddit isn’t a legit means to enjoy live streams of professional sports like soccer. Professional sports are a big money magnet and there is a lot of finance involved in sports. From sports clubs to its TV or digital broadcaster, there is a lot of money involved in between these parties.

If the live streams of soccer are to be shown for free on Reddit, it will make leagues lose a lot of money and so do TV broadcasters. For Reddit streams to work, as we mentioned previously, there needs to be a primary Reddit user who is willing to share his paid streaming links of sports like soccer on Reddit. Thereafter, other Reddit users can use the link for free of cost.

Instead of going into the debate who is at fault; the primary user who shares his paid link on Reddit or secondary users who use the paid link of the primary user for free. Since 2016, Reddit began facing copyright issues. Gradually, since 2016, several Reddit links were removed from the platform. Eventually, it came to closure, the fate none of the cord-cutters or sports lovers have dreamed of.

Can I stream Soccer Reddit Barcelona matches on Reddit now?

As many of you now know, Reddit is no longer effective in streaming a full-length match for free. Neither it is a platform to enjoy paid streams of soccer. So, you will not be able to follow Soccer Reddit Barcelona matches on Reddit. Nor you can enjoy Soccers Reddit Barcelona vs Manchester United stream on Reddit.

Still, you can use Reddit to enjoy Soccer Reddit Barcelona highlights, Soccer Reddit Barcelona team news, Soccer Reddit Champions League highlights. In general, you can still follow the Soccer Reddit team news, Soccer Reddit team highlights with Soccer Reddit in 2021.

Well, you can also follow Soccer team news, Soccer match highlights using YouTube for free. Or, you can use YouTube TV, which is a paid streaming website, to enjoy paid streams of soccer.

Soccer Reddit Alternative for Chelsea Reddit Streams in 2022

As Reddit has now shut its free streaming feature, there is a huge need for Soccer Reddit Alternative in 2022. Club football leagues across Europe have already started and cord-cutters are restlessly looking for Soccer Reddit Alternative to enjoy Chelsea Reddit streams in 2022. So, are there any?

Though the pioneer Reddit has called off its Reddit free soccer streams, the story of Reddit is far from seeing its end. After Reddit began to crumble, other online websites have started providing free Reddit soccer streams to soccer fans all over the world. So, not only Chelsea Reddit streams, you get to enjoy Soccer Reddit Brazil vs Argentina, Soccer Reddit Bayern, Soccer Reddit FA Cup Final.

In simple words, you can enjoy Soccer Reddit club matches to Soccer Reddit international matches in the Reddit feature. Do you follow Barcelona? You get to enjoy Barcelona Reddit links from La Liga and European competitions. Do you follow Real Marid? You will get to follow Soccer Reddit Real Madrid links.

Where can I enjoy Soccer Reddit Barcelona vs Real Madrid stream?

Let go of the crumbling of Reddit, you are left with a few streaming platforms that allow you to enjoy the luxury of Reddit links in 2022. These streaming platforms work in the same way as Reddit, but the only difference is that they use a content ID which is beta links. While Reddit had a primary user to share their paid links for the rest of the Reddit users to enjoy free streams of live sports like soccer.

The content ID which is generated by a streaming platform that offers Reddit soccer streams today is the content ID that is similar to broadcasting channels to a specific sport. For instance, if you are enjoying a Reddit Soccer Barcelona match, then the content ID of that live stream will have to be the same as the content ID of a TV broadcaster that has the rights to Barcelona TV streams.

Broadcasters List








Fox Sports Channels

Indian subcontinent

STAR Sports


Fox Sports Channels,Network Ten


Servus TV,ORF


AzTV,Idman Azerbaycan


RTBF,Telent,Play Sport Open,VRT


Sport Klub




Nova, Diema Sport




CCTV,Tencent,Guangdong TV, Greta Sports TV


Sport Klub






TV3+ , TV3 Sport , Viasat




Setanta Sports


C More Max, MTV




Sky Deutschland , RTL


ERT, Cosmote TV






The Sports Channel


Sky Italia, TV8




Sport Klub


Fox Sports Channels, ESPN






RTL TlL tzebuerg


Sport Klub


Go Sports






Ziggo , NOS


Spark Sport


Viasat , Viasport 1 , Viasport+ , Viasat 4


Eleven Sports , Polsat


Eleven Sports


Digisport , Telekon Rmaonia , Look Sport


Match TV








Viasat , Viasat Motor , Tv10




S Sport , S Sport Plus




C4 , Sky Sports


ESPN , ESPN Deportes

Once you have that content ID, you can enjoy Reddit soccer streams from your place for totally free of cost. But, you cannot follow Reddit soccer streams on your TV screens. For this, you have to use your smartphones or PCs to access the website using a web browser. Also, you can enjoy the Reddit soccer streams in stunning HD quality on your mobile phones or PCs.

Can I Stream Reddit Barcelona Soccer matches in HD quality?

Well, there’s not much you are going to need to enjoy live soccer 2022 streams in HD quality. And all you are going to need to enjoy HD streams of live sports on your mobile phone or PC is a strong internet connection. You need a streaming platform first, well, that goes without saying, right?

To follow the live streams of Reddit Barcelona matches, you have several options. The following streaming platforms offer Reddit soccer links to enjoy every possible professional soccer match taking place across countries in 2022,

  • Reddit Soccer Stream
  • Acestream
  • Ripple Stream
  • Buffstream

You can use any of these free streaming platforms to enjoy Soccer Reddit Barcelona matches in 2022. The 2022 La Liga season is also underway and you can follow the complete journey of the Catalans in the league competition using those services. And you can enjoy Reddit Soccer Barcelona streams in stunning HD quality with any of those free streaming websites.

Reddit Soccer Stream as Soccer Reddit Alternative in 2022

Soccer Reddit Old is out of the option to enjoy free streams of live soccer matches. So, you have felt the need for the Soccer Reddit Alternative in 2022 and years to follow. Well, as listed earlier, there are four options for soccer fans from around the world to enjoy Reddit soccer streams in 2022.

So, you can use Reddit Soccer Stream as Soccer Reddit Alternative in 2022 and more to come. Reddit Soccer Stream is a go-to platform to follow live soccer matches from around the world. From competitive club soccer matches, club friendlies, to international games you can enjoy it all with Reddit Soccer Stream.

When you get to follow Reddit soccer from all the club soccer competitions across Europe, what else can you look for? Soccer Reddit Stream provides soccer fans with the compressive coverage of live soccer matches taking place across continents.

Where can I Enjoy Reddit Soccer Champions League streams?

The Champions League title is arguably the most decorated club football title in the world. Football clubs across Europe battle for this coveted football prize every season. The 2018-19 Champions League event was a big hit and millions of football fans crave to enjoy the live stream of the Champions League on TV or mobile/ PC.

Every football would have a dream of seeing his/ her favorite team play in the UCL competition. Well, haven’t you had such a dream? And how great would be it be if you could enjoy Reddit Soccer Champions League streams. Football fans across countries are ready to spend a big chunk of their savings to access live streams of Champions League matches. To have the live streams of UCL matches totally free of cost would be a synonym of joy for soccer fans from around the world.

Well, with Soccer Reddit Stream, you guys can enjoy free Reddit streams of Champions League matches. Moreover, you can also follow Reddit Soccer European Qualification and Reddit Soccer European Final with Soccer Reddit Stream.

Which Reddit Soccer streams I get to enjoy with Soccer Reddit Stream?

You get to follow every professional soccer game from across Europe using Soccer Reddit Stream. This platform is designed as a Reddit Soccer Alternative and is dedicated to soccer live streams alone. We offer comprehensive coverage of live soccer matches from around the world for soccers fans. This platform is not subjected to geo-restriction, which is the best part of it.

Soccer Reddit Live Streams
Soccer Reddit live streams

This means you can enjoy Soccer Reddit Stream to follow live soccer matches while being in your native country or traveling abroad. And, you don’t need to use a VPN service to enjoy Soccer Reddit Stream soccer links while traveling abroad. So, it also saves you from having to spend some dollars to buy a proper VPN service.

You get to enjoy the live free Reddit soccer streams using Soccer Reddit Stream. Also, the free streams of soccer matches are shown in HD quality here. Well, this platform has got one more perk to add to your streaming experience. You can use this platform to enjoy ad-free streams of soccer matches.

Some of the Soccer streams to enjoy with Soccer Reddit Stream

From La Liga soccer, Premier League soccer to Ligue 1 soccer, you can follow live soccer games of every major club competition in Europe. Here is the list of some soccer streams you can enjoy with Soccer Reddit Stream.

  • Soccer Reddit Highlights
  • Reddit Soccer Streams
  • Soccer Reddit Barcelona
  • Soccer Reddit Chelsea
  • Reddit Soccer FA Cup Final
  • Soccer Reddit PSG
  • Soccer Reddit Acestream
  • Reddit Soccer Brazil vs Argentina
  • Soccer Reddit Barcelona vs Manchester United
  • Soccer Reddit Bayern
  • Reddit Soccer City Streams
  • Soccer Streams Reddit Alternative
  • Soccer Reddit Champions League
  • Reddit Soccer Direct
  • Soccer Reddit Old
  • Club Soccer Director Reddit
  • Chelsea FC Soccer Reddit
  • Barcelona Soccer Reddit Streams
  • Reddit Soccer European Qualification
  • Reddit Soccer European Final

As you will be using Soccer Reddit Stream to follow these soccer streams, you can enjoy the free of cost. Also, all of these soccer streams are available in stunning HD quality on this platform.

Can I enjoy Reddit Soccer streams without ads now?

The trainwreck that Reddit banned got all the cord-cutters got into was a sort of big concern. But, now, you have a few options to enjoy Reddit streams even though the pioneer Reddit platform is no longer in service. Still, many of you might be wondering if you could enjoy Reddit soccer streams without ads. Are you?

With the tech advancements in sporting streams, we were finally able to enjoy some ad-free streams of soccer. Though it is inevitable to avoid ads from TV streams, we could cut right through those annoying commercials from mobile streams.

To get rid of ads while streaming live sports events on mobile you have to go for the ad-free streaming package of a streaming platform like CBS All Access. Not all streaming platforms, but, there are a few streaming platforms that offer ad-free streams for a slighter higher price than the normal cost of the subscription charge.

For instance, CBS All Access costs $5.99 per month, but the ad-free package of CBS All Acces costs $9.99 per month. So, that’s a $4 additional price per month on CBS All Access ad-free package. Likewise, the case is the same as Hotstar who is available for viewers living in the United States, the United Kingdom, India, and Canada.

Ad-free HD free Soccer Streams and Soccer Reddit Stream

There are a few options to enjoy HD-free soccer streams in 2021. But, not all of those free streaming platforms offer you ad-free Reddit soccer streams. With Soccer Reddit Stream, you can enjoy ad-free soccer streams on Reddit. This platform is designed to offer soccer fans the best streaming service ever possible.

The Reddit free soccer streams of Buffstream and Ripple Stream are not ad-free. You will be facing ads most of the time you click your streaming link with Ripple Stream and Buffstream. But, if you don’t care about ads, Buffstream and Ripple Stream are among the ideal options to enjoy Reddit soccer streams in 2022.

Reddit Soccer Direct and Ripple Stream

Ripple Stream is an ideal option to enjoy Reddit Soccer Direct in 2022. You can enjoy all club soccer competitions across Europe using Ripple Stream. It is an online free streaming portal just like Soccer Reddit Stream. Also, you don’t have to go through any registration process to enjoy the free Reddit soccer streams with Ripple Stream.

This free streaming platform is a free website and you don’t have to download it. You can access this platform from your mobile phone, PC, tablet, and other iOS and Android devices. You can access this free streaming website with almost every device you have in your reach, except your TV screens.

Unlike Soccer Reddit Stream, you can enjoy other professional sports like NFL, MMA, MLB, and others with Ripple Stream. If you open the Ripple Stream webpage, you will get to see a list of some professional sports that are available on the site. If you want to watch soccer, click on the Soccer section. Then it will take you to all the live soccer matches across Europe that are going to take place.

If you are looking for Reddit Soccer Barcelona vs Manchester United, click on Barcelona vs Manchester United section. It will redirect you to the live stream of the match. Thereon, you will be easily able to follow the live stream of the match. Doesn’t it look easy?

Reddit Soccer European Qualifiers and Buffstream

European Qualifiers are among the most search soccer fixtures in the world. Soccer fans from around the world are huge devotees of European competitions. Along with Champions League matches, soccer lovers do enjoy European matches in a good context. Doesn’t matter whether you want to follow UCL or Europea League, or both, you can enjoy it with Buffstream.

Similar to Soccer Reddit Stream and Ripple Stream, Buffstream is also a free streaming platform. And this free online streaming portal also offers Reddit soccer streams to soccer fans living in different parts of the world. Also, just like Ripple Stream, this streaming portal, too, offers live streams of several professional sports for free of cost. So, what do you like besides soccer?

Are you a fan of American football, or you like high-edged racing competitions, or you enjoy thrilling boxing matches? From NFL, Formula 1, MMA to NBA, you guys can have it all with Buffstream. Without spending a single penny, sports fans living in different parts of the world can enjoy Reddit sports streams in HD quality. But, you have bare ads while using Buffstream. Otherwise, you can enjoy unlimited free sports streams using this free streaming online portal.

What are other options to enjoy free soccer streams in 2022?

To enjoy free unlimited streams of soccer, the best options are Soccer Reddit Stream, Acestream, Ripple Stream, and Buffstream. With these four free streaming platforms, you guys can enjoy Reddit soccer links for free of cost season after season. But, still, there are some paid streaming platforms with which you can enjoy free soccer streams for a limited period.

The mobile streams of soccer are in the grasp of several paid OTT platforms across countries. Some of the popular OTT platforms that offer online soccer streams are Foxtel Now, Hulu with Live TV, Amazon Prime Vidoe, YouTube TV, Sling TV. With all of these streaming websites, you guys can enjoy free soccer streams, but they are not Reddit streams.

Amazon Prime has a free 30 days trial protocol. This means you can enjoy free soccer streams for a month. You can use this service only if you are a new user of Amazon Prime Video. Likewise, Sling TV, Foxtel Now, and others also have a free trial period.